Spanish court slaps 400 Euro fine on Castronoid ex-consul who physically assaulted Cuban dissidents in Galicia

Cuban diplomat Yahima Martínez Millán and a Gallego communist who looks too much like a relative of Tres Fotutos celebrate the 30th anniversary of Fidel Castro’s triumphal visit of his ancestral home

From our Bureau of Quixotic Legal Victories with some assistance from our Bureau of Advanced Chusmology

“Chusma” is a Cuban word that defies translation. A simple, yet insufficiently accurate translation of that word is this: “someone who is utterly crass; a lowlife; a boor; a vulgarian.”

Our Bureau of Advanced Chusmology is thrilled to report that a Cuban “chusma” who served as a diplomat in Spain has been fined 400 Euros for attacking some Cuban dissidents with her bare hands in Santiago de Compostela in 2022.

Unfortunately, the “chusma” diplomat in question has long since returned to Castrogonia, where she is immune from any decision reached by a Spanish court.

This is a quixotic victory, for sure, but nonetheless somewhat uplifting. Even in Castro-loving Spain, some judge has slapped a Castro, Inc. agent on the wrist. A victory is a victory, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

In 2022, this very same “chusma” representative of Castro, Inc., arranged for a celebration of the 30th anniversary of Fidel Castro’s triumphal visit to his ancestral home in Galicia, an event some Gallegos –such as the one standing next to Yahima La Chusma in the photo above — found quite entrancing, and worthy of a boldly-wielded and well-knotted Eurotrash scarf.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

The Spanish justice system on Friday convicted the former Cuban consul in Galicia, Yahima Martínez Millán, in absentia, for the attack on two human rights activists in July 2022.

The ruling of the Court of Instruction No. 2, of Santiago de Compostela, to which Martí Noticias had access, rules in favor of the plaintiffs Vania Coelho and Avana de la Torre, and condemns the then Cuban diplomatic representative as “criminally responsible.” responsible for a minor crime of injuries.”

The judge in the case imposed a fine of 400 euros on Martínez Millán. In addition, she sentenced her to compensate Coelho with 200 euros “for the injuries suffered” and De la Torre for the damage suffered to the telephone that was taken from him.

“I am very happy with the result of the trial of the Cuban consul. It is not so much because of the compensation, but because justice has been done. The Cuban dictatorship believes that it has immunity, that it can act as it wants and wherever it wants, and justice has been done,” Coelho said in statements to Martí Noticias.

In her opinion, it is “a very great message for Cubans,” which would demonstrate that “we must denounce every time there is an abuse of this type.”

Meanwhile, Avana de la Torre pointed out that this is a trial “won by the Cuban people.”

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1 thought on “Spanish court slaps 400 Euro fine on Castronoid ex-consul who physically assaulted Cuban dissidents in Galicia”

  1. I expect she would have been protected by diplomatic immunity even if she were still on the job in Spain. Still, what she did is perfectly normal behavior for Castronoid “diplomats,” and certainly nothing new, meaning it was just a reflection of Castro, Inc. The trouble is we keep expecting blood from turnips.

    And by the way, I find her much less offensive than any Spaniard, gallego or otherwise, who’d engage in any sort of collusion or complicity with her and what she serves. She HAS to be shitty; they choose to be.

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