Cuban dictatorship approves the import and sale of electronic cigarettes

Me encantan estas invenciones! (I love these inventions)

From our Bureau of Great Leaps Forward with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Utopias Mired in Utterly Inane Rules and our Bureau of New Policies Fidel Castro Would Have Loved If He Were Still Alive and Not in Hell

Aaah, take a puff, Chucho…. Ñooo! . . . That’s mighty fine, sabrosisimo, so much better than the toilet paper and ostrich excrement cigarettes we’ve been smoking lately.

Once again, Cuba is crossing another threshold, inching its way to modernity. E-cigs! Coma-Andante Fidel would be so proud, except that in Hell no one can feel proud of anything.

Never mind the fact that Cuba was once Tobacco King of the World, and this is an admission of total failure for Castro, Inc.’s tobacco monopoly. A question immediately comes to mind. E-cigarettes are expensive. Who will be able to afford them in Castrogonia?

You dumb ass — as Beavis and Butthead might say — how dare you ask? You know the answer. These E-cigs will be purchased by “the diaspora” community for their parasitic relatives on the island. And you can bet your bottom dollar that the outrageously inflated prices and high import fees will keep Castro, Inc. cash registers ringing for years to come.

Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Puff away, Chucho, puff away, compañero. You have nothing to lose but your soul and your dignity, or whatever is left of it after 64 years, 9 months, and 23 days of enslavement.

Loosely translated from World Nation News

The General Customs of the Republic of Cuba reported on the importation of electronic cigarettes to the island after “important detections at the border.”

The AGR published a note on Facebook that was circulated on the portal of the government of the province of Villa Clara referring to this issue.

In the statement, they indicated that Resolution 23 of 2020 of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) is the legal norm that regulates the non-commercial import and export of electronic cigarettes and other similar products. .

According to them, the Resolution, signed by the Minister of Public Health Jose Ángel Portal Miranda, does not exempt people with medical prescriptions for the consumption of these substances for therapeutic purposes and recognizes the increase of legalization at the national level in many countries.

However, “it reaffirms the scale that it harms human health and promotes the tendency to consume narcotic substances and drugs, for which there is a zero tolerance policy in the country.”

In this sense, they reiterate the ban on the import, possession, transport or export of beverages, food, materials, literature, propaganda, goods, items, tools, electronic cigarettes or any other input that -incites, encourages or promotes the use of the Cannabis plant. (marijuana), the bush of Erythroxylum coca (coca) and Banisteria laurifolia (yagué); as well as flowers, seeds, products or substances, substances derived from them, which produce effects similar to drugs, whether medicinal or recreational.

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