Mexican president vows unconditional support for Cuban dictatorship, constant lobbying for end of U.S. ‘blockade’

The Two Barrigones: Hey, whose belly is bigger?

From our Bureau of Hyperactive Latrine American Demagogues with some assistance from our Obamapalooza 2.0 Bureau

Acronymic Mexican head of state AMLO (“He Whose Name Must Be Reduced To Mere Initials”) has once again expressed his profound love for Castro, Inc. and his burning desire to keep that military junta in power.

He has also vowed to badger Jar-Jar Biden into launching Obamapalooza 2.0 when he visits him in California next month. Apparently, AMLO knows –along with the rest of the world — that Brainless Joe is a pushover on all issues and that soon after his chat with the doddering U.S. president, the cruel “blockade” will finally be lifted for good.

Rumor has it that AMLO has been supernaturally gifted with impressive hypnotic and prophetic powers. How’s that for a bit of Latrine American magical realism?

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), said that he will advocate for Cuba in the meeting he plans to hold with his United States counterpart, Joe Biden, in San Francisco, California, next November.

According to AMLO, this was one of the agreements of the migration summit held on Sunday in Palenque, State of Chiapas, and attended by the Cuban ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel.

“We are going to talk to President Biden about this matter. Of course, all the governments that participated in the meeting are doing so, bilaterally. Only in the case of Cuba is there not this relationship, this bilateral dialogue. It was, precisely, one of the agreements, which promotes dialogue between the United States and Cuba, to reach an agreement and resolve pending issues,” said the Mexican president.

AMLO said that before the November meeting he will send a letter to President Biden on this issue, and considered it very important that this dialogue between Havana and Washington be reopened, as happened during the administration of former President Barack Obama, he noted.

The Mexican president also mentioned the “blockade” as the cause of Cuba’s ills. . . “In everything we can help the people of Cuba, we are going to do it, so that there is no doubt left in their minds, including oil, because they are a people that is suffering from an inhuman, unjust blockade, and we cannot turn our backs on the people.” of Cuba, and we do not ask permission from any foreign government because we are a sovereign and free people,” said the president.

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  1. Call me a bigot, but I have a profound dislike of Mexicans. Not only is Mexico an arch-enabler of the regime, always advocating for it internationally, but the Mexican American diaspora in the US [that creature known as a Chicano] has forcefully teamed us and brought us down to the level of Latrino by homogenizing and erasing our differences and turning us into just another part of this made up race they’ve created called Latinos where they rule via groups like MALDEF and National Council of la Raza.

    • Oh, they’ve had LOTS of help from the usual suspects, who’ve been more than happy to stick all “Latinos” in the same box for easier use. Of course, it’s a mutually beneficial scam.

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