Cuban dictatorship sending 37 slave nurses to the Bahamas

From our Bureau of Totally Irresponsible Behavior By Latrine American Totalitarian Hellholes

Medical personnel are in short supply in Cuba. Does Castro, Inc. care? Judge for yourself.

Not even a full-blown crisis in Cuba will stop Castro, Inc. from selling medical slaves to other nations. Money must keep flowing into Castro, Inc.’s coffers, no matter what.

Cubans are unimportant to their rulers. All Castro, Inc. cares about is staying in power, at any cost.

Meanwhile, idiots everywhere will clap and cheer, and nominate these criminals for a Nobel Prize.

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

Despite the deficit of health personnel in Cuban health centers, the regime continues to export medical professionals to other countries, and will soon do so to the Bahamas, where 37 nurses will arrive at the beginning of November.

The news was confirmed by Michael Darville, Minister of Health of the Bahamas, who stated that next week more than 50 health professionals from Cuba and Ghana will arrive in that country, to alleviate the prolonged shortage of nurses in the commonwealth, according to The Tribune newspaper.

In addition to some 18 Ghanaian nurses who will work at Princess Margaret Hospital and Rand Memorial Hospital, the arrival of 37 Cuban health professionals is also expected.

The minister described this fact as “very important” because his country’s nurses “work overtime and we don’t want them to run out,” and announced that they have been recruiting in the Philippines and will also hire some nurses from Cuba again.

According to the Bahamian newspaper, Darville said that the Cuban nursing staff would be laboratory technicians, X-ray technicians, physical therapists, nurses and biomedical engineers.

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  1. The logic is clear: exporting medical personnel makes money; caring for ordinary Cubans costs money. It takes money for Castro, Inc. to stay in power, and ordinary Cubans are far less important. Case closed.

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