Mexican president gets bogus Cuban Abdala vaccine during press conference

Mexican president shows off his killer biceps

From our Bureau of Hyperactive Latrine American Leftist Buffoons With Puny Biceps

Since he is forcing this untested bogus vaccine on all Mexicans, “He Who Shall Only Be Named By Acronyms”, a.k.a. AMLO, has taken a shot of his own medicine during a morning press conference.

Such a brave buffoon. Three cheers for AMLO. Let’s see what this totally useless vaccine does for him. And –after displaying his puny biceps — let’s see if Planet Fitness asks him to become their poster boy.

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, became the center of global attention by publicly applying the Cuban Abdala vaccine in an effort to promote the National Vaccination Campaign against COVID-19 and influenza in his country.

The unusual immunization demonstration took place after AMLO’s traditional morning conference, where he announced the availability of the vaccine in federal hospitals and referred to the importance of taking care of oneself during the winter season.

AMLO joked during the vaccination and even seemed a little lost or confused when the assistant asked him to put a little pressure on the puncture mark, something that the Aztec leader did not seem to understand and instead just raised his thumb.

Mexico began the National Vaccination Campaign against influenza and COVID-19 on October 16, but the inclusion of the Cuban Abdala vaccine was the subject of controversy in the scientific community, since the formula has approval for emergency use by of the Mexican Commission for Protection against Health Risks, but it does not have the approval of the World Health Organization.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

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  1. It’s probably expired vaccine, which would amount to getting a shot of water, more or less. What a buffoon.

    But you know, if he can get away with foisting an unproven and unapproved vaccine on Mexicans, let alone expired doses of it, then Mexicans absolutely deserve him. Totally Latrine scenario all around.

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