Cuban dictatorship and French company to produce rum priced at a mere $500 per bottle

$1,600 socialist rum

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Add this to the list of obscenities that Castro, Inc. offers the capitalist world. Exported and imported delicacies no Cuban can afford, five star luxury apartheid hotels, boxes of cigars costing $18,000, and now crates of rum costing $12,000.

Well, come to think of it, this $500 rum –while obscene in and of itself — is not as obscene as the Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo, which sells for $1,600 a bottle.

As usual, a European distiller is making this obscenity possible for Castro, Inc. Aaaah, the joys of twenty-first century neocolonialism and twenty-first century Latrine American socialism.

From 14yMedio via Translating Cuba

With 2,500 “exclusive” bottles of Tributo rum, which will be sold at a price of 500 euros each, Havana Club International will celebrate its thirty years of creation this November at the Expocuba fairgrounds. The new edition of the drink celebrates the “rescue” of the brand, in the middle of the Special Period, by the French company Pernod Ricard and its partner on the Island, Cuba Ron.

The general director of the French company, Christian Barré, explained to Prensa Latina that, after the coronavirus pandemic and a “complex year,” his company is focused on relaunching several of the brands that did not have enough public attention and with which he now intends to recover their “export markets.”

The director also said that Havana Club has signed more than 50 contracts with micro, small and medium-sized Cuban companies (MSMEs) this year. Although he did not clarify what the company’s plan is when partnering with the Island’s private companies, he did include them – along with tourism and shops in freely convertible currency (MLC) – among those “who buy the product through different traditional channels,” without giving details. . .

. . . In Europe, the different Havana Club lines are among the most expensive drinks available. A drink of the most common of their rums in a bar can cost up to eight euros, a high price when compared to other imported rums. In Cuba, however, the lowest-end rums are barely marketed among the population, such as the Añejo 7 years or the 3 years version, which don’t have the “honeys” that the brand reserves for its exclusive buyers.

Only in hotels, and for a considerable price, is it possible to access a selection of Maestros or a Special. Other editions, such as the Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo – which is marketed for more than 1,000 euros – are not even displayed in the Island’s shops.

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  1. Wait, is that backdrop from one of the mansions stolen by the “revolution”? That would be perfect.

    Still, Carlos, you’re looking at this all wrong. The people responsible, both in and out of Cuba, are only thinking in terms of marketing and profit. Nothing else really enters into it, and most of the world is either indifferent or wishes it could buy this fancy booze. We keep forgetting our perspective is highly, uh, niche.

    However, yes, considering that Cuba is circling the drain and that ordinary Cubans have been reduced to parasitic and/or desperate paupers, it is indeed obscene for Cuba’s rulers to be trafficking in luxury goods.

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