Cubans in city of Cárdenas have had no electricity for over a month

From our Bureau of Socialist Efficiency in Problem-Solving with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Equity and Social Justice

Imagine living in this neighborhood. No electricity since September. No response from those ostensibly in charge of repairing damaged equipment and restoring power to homes.

Nice-looking neighborhood, too. See photo above.

Socialist utopia. Paradise. The envy of Latrine America and the Third World. This is what leftists mean when they speak of equity and social justice.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Through social networks, Cubans from a neighborhood in Cárdenas are demanding a solution to the problem they have had with electricity for years, which has caused them to live mostly in darkness than with light.

A Cuban who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote to journalist Alberto Arego that where she lives, on Tenería would end street, 45th avenue between 46 and 47, in the Cárdenas municipality of Matanzas, they have not had electricity for more than a month and They are desperate in this situation.

“We live practically without electricity service. “We are all powered by a single transformer and the transformer, as is normal, cannot withstand the overload”

“We have children who go to school with hot soda, the same with water. Virtually no sleep. The unironed uniform. Many of them without eating anything. Truly, this is already unbearable. We called and reported the breakdown and nothing,” confessed the resident of Cárdenas.

In addition, she said that the entire population is tired of going to demand solutions from the communist authorities and the electricity company, but they are told that there are no transformers to install them, but she believes that they do not pay attention to them because they live in a neighborhood.

For his part, another resident of Cárdenas, denounced the same situation, blaming the communist regime for this inefficiency that keeps the families of that municipality and the children suffering.

“We have not had power for more than a month due to the intelligence of the governors of the province and the city. “Here in the community we have been without electricity for a month and the mayor, the head of the Electric Company, the president of the Party and the other people who have to do with what is happening, have not done anything to solve the problem.”

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  1. Wait a second, isn’t Cárdenas where Elián González is from? He’s now an official member of the Assembly of People’s Power, or whatever it’s called, and these particular Cubans are his constituents. Where is he?

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