A ritzy ‘Dinner in White’ in Havana as Cubans go hungry and flee the island in droves

As happened in 2019, when the situation in Cuba was plenty bad but not so dire as now, Havana is hosting a “refined epicurean event” known as Le Dîner en Blanc (at $530 per couple) for 350 guests–obviously not ordinary Cubans, who are scrounging for food and going without sugar, coffee, decent bread, electricity and even water. They are also desperate to emigrate in pursuit of a simply normal life, especially younger Cubans who see no future on the island.

As the name implies, the dress code is “elegant and original” all-white attire. The dinner, awash in champagne and wine followed by dancing, will take place next month in a location kept secret till the last minute to add “mystery” to the proceedings. The event is part of a weekend package deal with other culinary and party offerings. It is apparently an attempt to lure foreign tourists, whose numbers have fallen significantly on the island ever since the pandemic.

The irony is too crass to require much comment, like Nero playing fiddle while Rome burned. No doubt this thing is being promoted in travel trade sites, though presumably it will not feature in domestic Cuban news for obvious reasons. Of course, the Castro regime has no shame about anything like this, since whatever brings in money it needs to stay in power is seen as perfectly justified. Its prime directive is very clear, and it is NOT the welfare of “the people.”

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  1. Ordinary Cubans cannot even dream of getting their hands on $530 for a weekend splurge, or even for a pressing need, unless a relative from abroad sent them the money. Same goes for procuring “elegant and original” attire, white or not. Then they’d have to find a way to get to and from the event on time (good luck with that), and besides, this thing was never planned with them in mind, but rather for special people.

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