Lifestyles of the Rich and Communist: Socialist Venezuela Edition

After their economy and country was destroyed by socialism, the average Venezuelan earns less than $4 a month. But that doesn’t deter socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro from wearing $1,300 sneakers. Despite the extreme poverty and misery socialism and communism generates every single time it is implemented, the lives of the elite always get better. Without socialism, they could never enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and communist.


2 thoughts on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Communist: Socialist Venezuela Edition”

  1. Yes, but “the people” in Latrine countries keep falling for the same old BS anyway, so there is that.

    As for Maduro, he looks exactly the same no matter what he wears, and it’s not a good look.

  2. In that photo at left, Maduro looks like someone who’s mildly retarded or certainly low IQ. I wonder why.

    As for the damn shoes, even Jeff Bezos would be an idiot to pay that much for them–NOT worth it.

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