Nicaraguan dictator to bring in Cuban military for ‘humanitarian assistance’

As a disciple of the brutally oppressive communist Castro dictatorship, Nicaragua’s socialist tyrant Daniel Ortega is not only following the Castro playbook, he’s employing the Cuban regime’s thugs as well. On Thursday, Ortega authorized the entry into Nicaragua of Cuban military personnel for what he called “exchanges” and “humanitarian assistance.” Translated from Marxist newspeak, he’s bringing in communist Cuban thugs as counterintelligence spies and enforcers.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Daniel Ortega authorizes the entry of the Cuban military into Nicaragua for ‘exchanges’

On Thursday, Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega authorized the entry into his country, on a rotating basis, of 50 military personnel, ships, and aircraft from Cuba to carry out “exchanges” and “humanitarian assistance” starting in the first half of 2024.

According to a presidential decree published on Thursday, October 26, in the Official Gazette of Nicaragua, the objective of the measure is to establish “mutually beneficial exchange and humanitarian assistance in case of emergency situations.”

The activities will be carried out between members of the Cuban Armed Forces and the Nicaraguan Army from January 1 to June 30 of the next year.

According to the provisions, transit or the stationing of military personnel from Russia, Mexico, the USA, Venezuela, and “Armies of the Conference of Central American Armed Forces (Republic of Guatemala, Republic of El Salvador, Republic of Honduras, and Dominican Republic)” within the national territory is also authorized.

The document also details at length that Russian military personnel will conduct training exercises and exchanges in humanitarian aid operations, search and rescue missions in emergency situations or natural disasters.

They will engage in an exchange of experiences, training, operations against illicit activities in maritime spaces in the Caribbean Sea and jurisdictional waters in the Pacific Ocean of Nicaragua with the Nicaraguan Naval Force.

Ortega’s regime, an ally of the Cuban dictatorship, has been frequently criticized for its human rights violations and strong repression against its opponents.

This year, after sentencing Catholic Bishop Rolando Álvarez, a critic of Ortega’s regime, to 26 years in prison, Pope Francis referred to the government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo in Nicaragua as a “blatant dictatorship.”

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