U.S. ‘blockade’ is stressing Cuba’s very sensitive chickens, causing egg shortage

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Yes, you read the headline correctly. One of Castro, Inc.’s minor oligarchs is blaming Cuba’s egg shortage — and the resulting high price of eggs — on overly sensitive chickens.

As it turns out, the “blockade” stresses them way too much. We’re not making this up. Read story below.

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In addition to the health problems of Cuba’s chickens, the list of deficiencies that affect the entire production is notable: there is no food, but also no fuel or inputs to achieve the basic conditions of comfort for the hens, whose egg production experiences a brutal drop due to these factors.

The country would need twice as many animals – and for them to lay twice as many eggs – to achieve satisfactory productive performance, estimates Jorge Luis Parapar, president of the Food and Poultry Business Group.

Asked about the number of eggs he is expected to guarantee for the ration system’s basic family basket, Parapar excused himself, insisting that all products have been drastically affected by the “impacts of the blockade” and the “economic situation.” The cost to produce an egg is 5.60 pesos, the official alleged, while they are sold for 2.08 in the ration stores. That difference “causes million-dollar losses for the company,” he complained.

He is aware, he said, that the price of a 30-egg carton of eggs is 3,000 pesos, for the moment. This amounts to 100 pesos for just one egg.

Parapar dedicated a section to the characteristics of Cuban chickens, which are “very sensitive and get stressed easily.” The fuel crisis causes feed to arrive late to the farm, which affects the “egg laying.” However, even if they have low performance, “they eat the same amount of food,” he lamented.

There are also chickens that are on the verge of “decrepitude” and that the country uses for food. The “old” ones, the manager insisted, do not have the performance that his company expects of them, and half of the animals it has are in those conditions.

“Sometimes you add fuel at two or three in the morning, and when you arrive at the factory there is no electricity, and then you have to wait three or four hours for the production process to resume. On the other hand, there is a looming bad period in poultry farming because sunlight is shortened and the hen is a photoperiodic animal,” was his final complaint.

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