Colombia’s socialist president rejected in regional elections

The socialist agenda of Colombia’s president Gustavo Petro received a devastating blow on Sunday during regional elections, where voters rejected the radical leftist path of the former Marxist guerrilla. All of Colombia’s major cities, including Medellin, Barranquilla, Cali, and the nation’s capital of Bogota, elected leaders that reject Petro’s socialist policies.

Via the Financial Times:

Colombia’s leftist president Gustavo Petro has been dealt a blow in polls to elect mayors, governors and councillors, with opposition candidates sweeping to victory across the country.

Voters in all of Colombia’s major cities, including the capital Bogotá, rejected Petro’s allies in mayoral races on Sunday, while only two of 32 provinces elected governors backed by his Historic Pact coalition.

Petro’s administration has been a disaster from day one, filled with corruption and the recycling of failed socialist policies. Some may call it “buyers’ remorse,” but Petro has not performed any differently than what anyone expected. He ran on a leftist agenda and has governed as such.

Once can only hope Colombian voters have finally seen the light and will continue to reject the socialist policies that have brought only misery and destruction to Latin America.

In the meantime, here we see a Colombian flag expressing its feelings about Gustavo Petro:

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  1. The thing is, this guy isn’t even physically appealing. He looks distinctly weird, like somebody you can’t trust. How could Colombians, with their history, possibly have been so stupid as to elect him president? Alas, the Latrine element is always dysfunctional and apparently very strong. Lord have mercy.

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