Surprise! 76% of Cubans in the U.S. live in Florida, with 52% in Miami-Dade area

From our Bureau of Statistics That Confirm the Obvious

Talk about enclaves! Three out of every four Cubans in the U.S. live in Florida, and one out of every two live in the Miami-Dade metroplex. This means that Cubans are very unevenly dispersed throughout the U.S., mostly in big cities. The pattern of settlement is detailed in the map above.

Click here for an interactive map that highlights the states and counties with the highest concentrations of immigrants, see how Cubans compare to immigrants from other nations.

Current statistics do not reveal changes that have taken place over the past six decades. See chart below. For instance, Chicago was once home to over 80,000 Cubans. Right now, it doesn’t even show up on the top ten list. But in the 1970’s it could have easily held second or third place. Most of those 80,000 Cubans have moved to South Florida, and of those who stayed, the elderly are passing away at a high rate.

It would be very interesting to see similar statistics from Canada, Europe, and Latin America.

From the Migration Policy Institute

Most Cuban immigrants were settled in Florida (76 percent), followed distantly by Texas (5 percent) and New Jersey (3 percent) in the 2017-21 period.

One county in Florida, Miami-Dade, alone was home to 52 percent of all Cuban immigrants in the United States. The next four counties with the largest number of Cubans—Hillsborough, Broward, Palm Beach, and Lee—are also all in Florida and accounted for another 14 percent combined.

Cuban immigrants are also highly concentrated by city. Sixty percent of Cubans in the United States lived in the greater Miami metropolitan area. The Tampa metro area hosted the second-largest population (6 percent), followed by the New York metro area (5 percent). Approximately one in eight residents in the greater Miami area was born in Cuba (see Table 1).

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