Cuban dictatorship goes after mother who protested over the lack of food and water

A Cuban mother from the province of Guantanamo who protested against the communist Castro dictatorship over the lack of food and water for her children is now “under investigation” by the Cuban regime. Yadiuska Domínguez has already been summoned twice to the police station and told she is not allowed to leave the city. She has also been threatened with prison and with her children being taken away by the State. This is socialism in action.

Via CubaNet (my translaton):

Cuban mother who protested in Maisi says she is being harassed by police

Yadiuska Domínguez, one of the Cuban mothers who protested on October 22nd in Maisí, Guantánamo, due to the shortage of water and food, is being harassed by regime authorities on the Island.

According to statements made by the mother to Martí Noticias, she has been summoned twice by the Maisí Police, which imposed a mobility restriction outside the municipality as she is “under investigation.” She also mentioned that she was threatened with imprisonment and with being separated from her three children aged nine, eight, and six, respectively.

“There are people who have called me and warned me from the Police itself that they are doing everything possible to lock me up, and I am worried about my children, not about myself, about my children,” the young woman told Martí Noticias.

Furthermore, Domínguez mentioned that the Police have been contacting her relatives to persuade her not to carry out further demonstrations.

“They are watching every step I take. They are seeking all measures to put me in prison, to take my children away from me, to make it hurt twice as much when I am in prison,” she added.

As part of the harassment, State Security has also sent agents to inquire within her community about how she expresses herself.

“I have simply demanded my rights,” asserted the protester, who has been threatened by the authorities with potential charges, including “contempt,” “corruption of minors,” and “public disorder.”

“I’m afraid that someone will come and try to play the revolutionary, to throw things at my house, to try to harm me, to insult my daughter,” explained the Cuban while holding the Maisí Police and State Security responsible for whatever may happen to her family.

Yadiuska Domínguez lives in the community of Adriano Galano Cautín, known as La Favela, in the Guantánamo municipality of Maisí. The town is located at the easternmost tip of the Island.

While the crisis affecting the country impacts all Cubans strongly, the residents of La Favela report that its effects there are even worse. Basic staple products are not delivered periodically, not even bread, oil, or beans. The community relies on the collection of coffee and other scarce crops. Entering and leaving the area is very difficult, as transportation does not reach there.

Overwhelmed by the circumstances, Domínguez joined other Cuban mothers who protested against the neglect of the regime and the precarious conditions. Apparently, because she is one of the most active protesters and the author of most of the videos that circulated on social media, the regime has been more hostile towards her.

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