Intruder alert! Operative of Cuban dictatorship living in Miami

Jorge Luis Batista

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The presence of a Castronoid agent in Miami is causing a stir. Some say he is residing in the U.S. Others say he is only here temporarily. Whether he is a permanent Yo-Yo or a temporary Yo-Yo makes no difference. He shouldn’t be on U.S. soil.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

A new development has shaken Cuban exiles in Miami, when it became known that a “bad” communist, one of those who live criticizing the “Yankee empire,” has arrived in the United States.

According to journalist Ernesto Morales on his social networks, this is Jorge Luis Batista, a spokesperson for the Castro regime and a correspondent for Radio Reloj, who has now been in Miami for a few days.

Morales specified that Batista is a “consecrated communist” who has covered events of the Castro dictatorship and has been photographed with figures such as Miguel Díaz-Canel and Ricardo Alarcón.

Furthermore, the communist has published messages on his Facebook platform against the supposed “embargo” for which so many people fight again and again, in addition to criticism against the activist Yunior García and the 15N protest, which could not go further thanks , precisely, to the repression unleashed by the regime.

The journalist showed evidence of Batista’s activities in his video and called him “a mad communist dog.”

“We are talking about a deeply and declaredly integrated individual,” Morales expressed in his audiovisual material.

Regarding the reason for the trip to Miami, he stressed that there are contradictory versions about it, as some say that he was claimed by his daughter, while others claim that he is only in the United States “for a walk.”

Whatever the reason, the truth is that the fact that this declared communist set foot on American territory represents a complete lack of respect for all those Cubans who had to flee their own country because of the Castro regime.

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