Canadian tourist ‘horrified’ by conditions in Cuban hotel, sues Sunwing resorts

Offensive Cuban native in hotel room reserved for superior human beings from Canada

From our Bureau of Dream Holidays in Latrine American Totalitarian Hellholes with some assistance from our Bureau of Indomitable Caribbean Cockroaches

Ha! Another morally bankrupt Canadian has been stung by Castro, Inc. As a superior being, she was angered by the inconveniences she was forced to endure at the hands of her inferior savage hosts.

How awful! Imagine, having to put up with filth, vermin, lack of food and water, and, worst of all, lack of toilet paper!

Memories Varadero Beach Resort

From the Winnipeg Free Press

Deanna Lang was hoping for at least a little bit of relaxation when she jetted to Cuba for a beach vacation with her mother and her five sons in April.

Instead, the Winnipeg woman claims cockroaches, filthy guest areas and thefts of children’s belongings from her room ruined their weeklong stay at a Sunwing Vacations resort.

“The minute we got in, I was completely horrified,” the 34-year-old mother said. “The resort was completely rundown. The cockroaches were running everywhere — on the walls, in the corners, under the bed.”

Lang is taking Toronto-based Sunwing to Manitoba’s small claims court in a bid to recoup the $8,000 cost of the trip to the all-inclusive Memories Varadero Beach Resort, reflecting an apparent increase in cases against some travel companies.

She said the resort — run by Sunwing subsidiary Memories Resorts and Spa — was not as advertised and lacked enough food, water, toilet paper and cutlery for guests.

She claims her complaints to resort workers were fruitless, she couldn’t find an on-site Sunwing representative despite repeated visits to an office, and Sunwing staff in Canada didn’t respond to mid-trip requests for assistance.

“I feel I literally had my pockets robbed,” said Lang, a first-time Sunwing customer.

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5 thoughts on “Canadian tourist ‘horrified’ by conditions in Cuban hotel, sues Sunwing resorts”

  1. You know, the least Canadian tourists who persist in collaborating with totalitarian tyranny can do when they don’t get a “dream holiday” is suck it up and learn their lesson, but instead they whine and moan as if they were truly innocent victims. It’s at best pathetically lame.

  2. I wonder how many times this sort of story has to be published before Canadians start to feel at least slightly embarrassed about going to Cuba instead of someplace far more reliable, like the Dominican Republic. I mean, even apart from amorality, the level of stupidity involved is pretty considerable. Sheesh.

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