Seven more Cuban athletes bolt after Pan American Games, bringing total number of 2023 defections to 60

nearly 50% of these field hockey athletes have defected

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Much like other communist states, Cuba has poured a lot of money into building athletic programs, with the sole goal of claiming medals in international competition.

Very much like little children, communist states seem to think that athletic prowess proves their moral and physical superiority.

Well, after losing a total of 60 athletes this year, Cuba can kiss that puerile dream goodbye, possibly forever. When so many of its athletes bolt the instant they land on foreign soil, Castro, Inc. will not be able to risk competing in international games.

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

At least six Cuban field hockey players and a hurdler who recently won the bronze title at the Pan American Games being held in Santiago, Chile, fled their delegations on Saturday, independent media reported.

According to Cuban journalist Francys Romero, six members of the team for the island’s women’s hockey tournament would have left the concentration at noon the previous day, “after finishing today’s fifth place game, which they lost against Uruguay ( 3-0)”.

On the social network X, Romero indicated that the escapees would be Yunia Milanés, from Las Tunas, and captain of the cast; Jennifer Martínez, from Havana, Yakira Guillén, Lismary González and Helec Carta, all from Villa Clara.

Later, Romero added Geidy Morales, from Ciego de Ávila, to that group.

On the other hand, Yoao Illas, 21, winner of Pan American bronze in the 400 meters hurdles, has also abandoned the team, according to the independent media Play Off Magazine, citing “multiple sources” of its own.

With these leaks, there would be a total of 60 Cuban athletes who have abandoned contracts or delegations so far in 2023, further evidence of the crisis that the country is experiencing, which affects the performance of its athletes, who choose to emigrate either to pursue a career in abroad or to start a new life.

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