If Latin American ‘solidarity’ doesn’t kill Cuba, it won’t be for lack of effort

As if his speech at the UN in September weren’t enough, Chile’s socialist president Gabriel Boric sang the same tune during a recent meeting with Biden at the White House. He lobbied for removing Cuba from the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism and for ending the American embargo, I mean blockade. He claims those measures hurt Cuba’s people and not its government, ignoring that Cuba’s disastrous state is due to its totalitarian dictatorship–the same one which tried to destroy Chile like it destroyed Venezuela and wants/needs those measures ended.

Of course, the fact Chileans elected Boric president is not his fault but rather their folly and disgrace, considering their experience with Salvador Allende. They also previously went for the socialist Bachelet. The failure to learn from one’s mistakes, not to mention those of others, is eminently “Latin.” Cubans were fatally stupid over Castro, but at least they had not been bitten by such a dog before, and neither had anyone else in the region. It’s not that one expects Boric or other regional leaders to actually help Cuba, but evidently one cannot even expect them to refrain from screwing it.

Yes, this sort of thing is painfully familiar and very “normal.” It’s as predictable as clockwork, like the annual UN vote overwhelmingly against the US embargo, including by practically all “good” countries. Boric, despite being from a new generation, is little different from his elders, albeit more presentable (not that it takes much). Alas, even in what was thought to be the exceptional case of Chile, apparently plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

So why would we even talk to these people, let alone support them in any way? How many more times do we need them to do what they’ve done for ages regarding Cuba? Again, I’m not talking about failing to help us, because Lord knows they have their own problems, but about actively being part of Cuba’s problem. How many times do we need them to stab Cuba in the back before we at least refuse to be associated with them as “Latins”? They are alien to us and have proved noxious and anything but family. Let them be what they are, and let us be simply Cubans.

4 thoughts on “If Latin American ‘solidarity’ doesn’t kill Cuba, it won’t be for lack of effort”

  1. Considering the major role Cuba’s “revolution” (read dictatorship) played in the Allende business, which could well have been catastrophic for Chile, it is beyond remarkable (not to say contemptible) that Chile would ever lift a finger to help that same “revolution.” Unfortunately, that is simply typical Latrine conduct.

  2. Asombra,

    You’re a self-hating Latino! What happened to your sense of Latinidad? All Latinos want the embargo to be lifted and for the US to appease and acquiesce to the regime. I bet that you’re one of those self-hating Cubans who voted for Marco Rubio. We have to listen Andrés Manuel López Obrador who comes to the US and attacks those horrible gusanos and lobbies against us! We’re part of the cosmic race, we need to stop pretending to be white and unite with our Laitno brothers and sisters.

    • For what it’s worth, I once thought Rubio was very promising, but that didn’t hold up. I’d only vote for him if I thought he was better than the alternative, but certainly not just because he’s Cuban.

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