One of Cuba’s Ladies in White has ‘disappeared,’ dissident group fears the worst

María Cristina Labrada Varona

From our Bureau of Socialist Tolerance and Compassion with some assistance from our Bureau of Vanishing Dissidents

When a Lady in White vanishes, her family, friends, and fellow dissidents immediately suspect that she has been spirited away to some Castronoid dungeon.

These fears are real. The Ladies have had a lot of experience with “disappearances”.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

The leader of the Ladies in White, Berta Soler, reported that María Cristina Labrada Varona, a Cuban member of this movement, has been missing since this Sunday.

In a message posted on her Facebook profile, Soler reported that the Lady in White’s relatives claim that she left her house early and did not return until late at night.

In addition, they tried to communicate with her and her cell phone is turned off. In this sense, they denounce that she is probably in the hands of the repressors of the communist regime.

“From the very early hours of the morning today, Sunday, November 5, the Lady in White María Cristina Labrada Varona left her home and has not returned to her house, her mother tells me, her phone is turned off. . María Cristina is missing, probably DSE repressors arrested her,” wrote Berta Soler.

The communist police are only responsible for monitoring and repressing opponents in the country, for this reason, on repeated occasions, the Ladies in White are victims of harassment by the Castro police who remain on the streets for other purposes, other than What they should do is defend the people.

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