More than 11,000 arbitrary arrests in communist Cuba since their 2018 UN human rights periodic review

No one knows the ineffectiveness and uselessness of the UN better than Cuba’s Castro dictatorship. The Cuban regime continues its brutal oppression knowing the UN will do nothing about it. Since its last human rights examination by the UN, there have been more than 11,000 arbitrary detentions in Cuba. And those are just the ones researchers can document. The real number is likely many times higher.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

11,000 arbitrary detentions in Cuba reported since the last Periodic Review by the UN in 2018

Since May 2018, the year Cuba last underwent the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) before the United Nations Human Rights Council, “more than 11,000 arbitrary detentions” have been recorded on the island, as announced this Monday by the Cuban Observatory of Human Rights (OCDH).

Yaxis Cires, Director of Strategy at OCDH, told Martí Noticias that this complaint is being made in light of the upcoming new Universal Review period on Cuba, scheduled for November 15.

According to the Madrid-based organization’s Director of Strategy, this is “a serious situation that, in some way, reflects the Cuban regime’s lack of political will to make a significant change in terms of human rights, and in putting an end to repression,” explained Cires.

In addition to all this, he stated, “it must be added that the regime has also equipped itself with different legal norms, including a new Penal Code, in order to have more control over the citizenry and to have an obviously repressive response to the socio-economic situation and the discontent that exists among citizens.”

The data from the month of October, in which at least 325 repressive actions were recorded, of which 108 were some form of detention and 217 were other abuses, demonstrate that this repressive situation persists on the island, he emphasized.

“Unfortunately, the regime responds to citizens’ complaints, mainly related to the socio-economic situation, but also to the injustices that occur in the prisons, reported by political prisoners and their relatives, with repression,” Cires pointed out.

To these 11,000 human rights violations reported by the OCDH, “more than 7,000 illegal detentions of activists in their homes are added, a repressive form that has gained strength since 2020,” states the October report from the Observatory.

Precisely, in the last month, these illegal detentions predominated, in addition to abuses against political prisoners, threats, harassment, fines, trials, and travel restrictions.

“No matter how much the regime’s political propaganda blames the embargo, external enemies, the situation in Cuba requires a response from the Cuban authorities and, we repeat: unfortunately, the response that exists is repression. The application of the legal norms of the Penal Code to anyone who dares to criticize the current situation,” concluded Cires.

(With reporting by Ariane González for Martí Noticias)

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  1. Arbitrary arrests for disagreeing with the government is a form of state terrorism, and that alone makes Cuba a state sponsor of terrorism. Just don’t tell that to the UN or Latrine presidents who never tire of carrying water for Castro, Inc., same as the rest of the usual suspects.

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