5 thoughts on “Meme of the Day: When they find out you’re Cuban . . .”

  1. Asombra,

    I don’t blame them gauche and insulting as it appears to us. The problem is that we Cuban exiles have not presented a credible opposition to the Cuban dictatorship with their massive PR campaign, and they are, also, enabled by the mainstream US media. We Cuban exiles have dropped the ball massively. We don’t own any English language newspapers. For instance, Cubans could have brought out most of the stocks in the Miami Herald, but we never did that. Cuban Americans owned the television and radio stations in Miami, and they sold them to the Mexicans. We allow Saladrigas to fund that student youth organization, Cuban Roots, but are not proactive in funding any student organizations ourselves or in creating university chairs. Jorge Mas Santos destroyed CANF. He has billions of dollars to buy Messi and to promote Soccer in the USA, but doesn’t have a cent to continue the lobbying empire his father built. Then you have Cubans in the entertain field and they don’t do a thing for us, in fact, they hurt us. Gloria Estefan anyone?

    We can’t blame anyone for being stupid or insensitive when they are being bombarded 24/7 about how wonderful Cuba is. Unfortunately, people don’t care about Cubans. And if we don’t get our word out, no one will understand. Those little protests we have in Calle 8 in front of el Verailles are preaching to the choir.

    • The game has always been rigged against Cuba, but we would have had to do not just a better but a fantastic job to make more of a difference, and if Cubans were that fantastic, they probably wouldn’t have lost their country. Just look at the situation the Jews are in now all over the world–if people, lots of people, can side with their enemies, you’d better believe they can side with ours.

  2. Asombra,

    But the point is that we did and continue to do a subpar, embarrassingly poor job. If we had at least done a nominally decent job things wouldn’t be as bad, On the contrary, we played into the hands of the left.

    The Jewish/Hamas situation is an example for us to learn from. Even though Jews have a very strong presence in the mainstream media, the pro-Palestinians have been able to counter them because they had something we don’t have: organization and dedication. We should learn from them [and this is not an endorsement of them, just of their PR style].

    A. Palestinian American college students are involved and solidly in line with their cause. Too many Cuban college students are nonchalant and cavalier. Others have swallowed the Kool-Aid and regurgiate the Left-wing soundbytes calling our community right wingers. To wit, “the Miami is a Banana Republic” trope was first coined by a Cuban American college professor.

    B. Palestinian Americans have the full support of their fellow Arabs and Muslims. They are true brothers. Our brothers, i.e. the other Hispanics, are our enemies. This is not our fault and there is little that we can do here.

    C. Arabs have Al-Jeezera News churning out 24/7 a pro-Palestinian POV. We have nothing but los periodiquitos de Miami. Its a joke!

    D. Cubans are not involved in anything. Go to Twitter and its full of Arabs giving opinions about Palestine and posting emotional videos that tuck at the heart.. Cubans aren’t involved in Twitter. They just don’t care. I talk to my friends and ask them why they don’t get involved and their response is, “Ay who reads Twitter!”

    • The Palestinian cause is a fashionably leftist cause, and our cause has always been unfashionable. Nothing we could have done would have changed that. There aren’t so many Cubanoids for nothing–meaning they know which side is more advantageous, convenient and profitable. Unfortunately, fashion is VERY powerful, because MANY people are weak and/or opportunistic.

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