Sen. Ted Cruz: Cuban communist playbook being used by leftists to indoctrinate American children

In Cuba, the classroom is where children are indoctrinated into loyal subjects of the communist party. According to Sen. Ted Cruz in his new book, something similar is happening to America’s children. Anyone who went to school in communist Cuba is well aware of how the curriculum subjects students to constant communist propaganda and children are taught to be loyal to the Party and State-sanctioned ideology and encouraged to turn in any family members, including parents, who say anything contrary or dissenting.

In Sen. Ted Cruz’s new book Unwoke, the Texas Republican of Cuban descent explains (via The Daily Caller):

American children are being indoctrinated as foot soldiers for the left-wing agenda — and this tactic comes straight out of Cuba’s playbook.

That is one of the essential warnings ensconced in the pages of “Unwoke,” a new book set to release on Nov. 7 from Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. Cultural Marxists masquerading as productive citizens have infiltrated key institutions in the United States, Cruz writes, which they wield to shape the upcoming generation into ideological weapons.

Cruz explained that Marxist framework, originally applied to economics and property, penetrated through American universities, big tech companies, media outlets and bureaucracy as culture was gradually commandeered.

The left has seen how successful the Castro dictatorship has been at indoctrinating entire generations to believe freedom does not exist and the Communist Party comes first in everything. Seeing what is transpiring in schools, colleges, and universities across the country with the vast majority of students adopting and embracing Marxist and communist ideology under the label of “wokeness,” it appears the left’s efforts to indoctrinate America’s children has enjoyed similar success.

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