Cuban animal rights activist sentenced to two years in prison for criticizing dictatorship

Insolent ungrateful wretch Gustavo Mena and one of his many friends

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It doesn’t take much to get slapped with prison sentences in Castrogonia. All you have to do is to point out on social media that the island’s dictatorship has some faults.

And it doesn’t matter if you are speaking about human rights or animal rights. No living being on the island is supposed to have any rights.

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

This week, Cuban activist and animal defender Gustavo Mena, better known as San Lázaro, was sentenced to two years in prison. His conviction responds to the critical publications against the Castro regime that he made on social networks.

Mena, who confirmed the news on his Facebook wall, denounced the lack of evidence against him and expressed his determination not to give in to oppression. “As expected, without evidence for an accusation, they sentenced me to two years,” declared the activist.

Likewise, he added: “If you think they broke me, you are wrong, now I have coffee with my wife and we celebrate our 31st anniversary and my grandson’s birthday.” In addition, the activist was concerned about the care of the 14 stray animals that he protects and he will not be able to do so when he is deprived of his freedom in a regime prison.

According to close sources, Mena will serve his sentence in a minimal severity camp, although the exact date and location have not yet been confirmed. Meanwhile, as part of his sentence, he must appear to sign every Wednesday.

Lamenting the decision against Gustavo, Omar Mena, another activist, described him as a “restless spark of light that never tires and moves constantly. “He took off the blindfold and used his social networks to attack the dictatorship.”

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