Some Suggestions for the Che International Chess Festival, co-sponsored by India and Cuba

From our Bureau of Chess Tournaments Named After Murderous Psychopaths with some assistance from our Bureau of Cheeky Suggestions for Genuine Adherence to the Principles of Murderous Psychopaths

The Indian province of Kerala will be hosting a chess tournament named after psycho-killer Che Guevara. This insult to all humanity has been cooked up by Castro, Inc. and Indian officials as part of an initiative for closer relations between the totalitarian Caribbean hellhole and India.

Ironically, Kerala is home to the largest community of Christians in India.

So, will this tournament be any different from other international competitions? Perhaps. Babalu has a suggestion for the organizers of this event.

Why not liven up the competition in a way that would reflect Che’s values? So, how about following these suggestions, which are based on the experience Cubans had with El Che,

  1. For an absolutely Che-esque experience, we suggest that all the players who are eliminated be shot dead, either singly, right after they lose a game, or en masse, at the very end. Then someone dressed in a Che Guevara costume should administer the coup de grace on each of the executed players with a historically accurate revolver.
  2. On a higher level, if you want to make this tournament even more faithful to Che’s ideals, then you should also confiscate all of the property and bank accounts of the families of the losing players.
  3. And at the highest level –should you wish to achieve the most intense level of authenticity — you should also send the winner of the tournament to fight with communist guerrillas somewhere in Latrine America, where he will undoubtedly end up being killed..

Now, that’s what you can call a genuine Che International Chess Festival.

From Asianet News

Thiruvananthapuram: The Che International Chess Festival, jointly organized by Kerala and Cuba will begin on November 16 in Thiruvananthapuram. Chess tournaments are organized in the name of Che Guevara. The program is held for five days, from November 16 to November 20. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will inaugurate the Chess Festival at the Jimmy George Indoor Stadium. The opening day’s matches will be played at the Jimmy George Stadium and the subsequent days’ matches will be played at a specially equipped venue at the Hyatt Regency.

64 talented players from Kerala who have achieved remarkable victories in various competitions will showcase their skills. The event will also witness the participation of esteemed Grandmasters from Cuba, International Masters, and Indian Grandmasters. The competition is jointly organized by the state sports council and the Sports Kerala Foundation, promising an exciting battle of wits and strategies on the chessboard.

During the Chief Minister’s visit to Cuba in June, an agreement was reached to collaborate with Cuba in sports, marking the beginning of a fruitful partnership. As a part of this collaboration, the Che International Chess Festival has been launched, representing the first sports initiative between the two nations.

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