Barf bag News of the Day: Premium cycling tours of Cuba

So superior!

From our Bureau of Offensive and Morally Bankrupt Tourism with some assistance from our Annals of Apartheid Bureau

Yes, Mildred! This is our chance to impress all our friends and neighbors at dinner parties! Let’s book a cycling tour of Cuba. Imagine the looks on their faces when we tell ’em what we’ve accomplished and show ’em our photos..

Yes, who else in our social and familial circle will have ridden bicycles through one of the poorest and most repressive hellholes in the Western hemisphere?

And imagine the looks on the faces of those Cuban savages when they see us zooming past them on our spiffy bikes! Oh, Mildred, has there ever been any other opportunity like this one for us to display our superiority to dark-skinned savages?

From Travel Weekly

Intrepid has launched four new itineraries in Cuba: One that adds to its collection of premium tours and three types of cycling tours.

The adventure travel company’s roster of itineraries in Cuba are available to U.S. passport holders and comply with the Support for the Cuban People program that American visitors are required to adhere to when visiting the country.

The nine-day Premium Cuba trip takes travelers on a roundtrip tour from Havana, visiting Vinales, Cienfuegos and Trinidad along the way. Travelers will see the capital city’s historic colonial architecture, neighborhoods lined with vintage cars and white sand beaches before heading to the countryside region of Vinales, where guests can expect to see sugarcane and tobacco farms, plus plenty of wildlife.

Premium trips, Intrepid’s highest category of tours, include accommodations at the four-star level, and Intrepid promises a “feature stay at an unforgettable and unique accommodation” per trip. Guests will primarily use private transportation, and more activities and extras are included compared with itineraries in its other categories.

The Premium Cuba trip has departures available starting this month, with more departures running from February 2024. Fares vary depending on departure date, but most start at around $4,215 per person.

There are also new cycling tours: Two weeklong itineraries focus on either the eastern or western half of the island and one, two-week long itinerary combines both for a more comprehensive tour.

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  1. Yes, I expect it’s very much about the visual documentation and exhibition, I mean sharing, thereof.

    But perhaps the customers really don’t see anything wrong with this–they may well be that self-absorbed.

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