Cuban women block street in Havana in protest over the lack of water

After 64 years of the socialist revolution, the communist Castro dictatorship is not only unable to provide food and medicine, its “revolution” can’t even provide water. On Saturday, a group of women in Havana fed up with being deprived of the most basic necessities for human survival took to the streets in protest. While it builds luxury hotels and resorts for foreign tourists, the criminal negligence of the Cuban regime has left the island’s critical infrastructure to rot. This is socialism in action.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

A group of women blocks a street in Old Havana over the lack of water

On Saturday, a group of women blocked traffic at the corner of Monte and Agramonte in Old Havana, in protest over the lack of water. According to a video shared on social media by journalist Mario Pentón, about a dozen women, some with children, blocked the passage of cars by placing buckets and tanks in a row on the street.

“We are calm. We won’t leave until they bring at least a water tanker. We can’t take it anymore,” one of the women was heard saying in a longer video shared on social media by the Cubanet news portal.

According to Cubanet, the women “stood at the site for about 20 minutes until several police officers arrived and began taking the names of the people, even those who were recording, as a form of intimidation.” They explained that, after the protest, three water tankers were sent to the residents of that area.

Havana, especially that area, has been experiencing a profound crisis in the supply of drinking water for several years, dealing with the poor condition of pipes and the lack of government actions.

This critical situation has been acknowledged by authorities and even the state-run press, which points out the municipalities most affected by this problem: Cerro, Plaza de la Revolución, Diez de Octubre, Centro Habana, and Old Havana.

Last July, the state-owned company Aguas de La Habana admitted that around 77,000 residents of the Cuban capital were affected by the lack of water supply services through technical networks, due to problems with pumping equipment, electrical instability in fundamental supply systems, and damage caused by thunderstorms.

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