Some blockade! Cuba imports $722,526 worth of cars, trucks, motorcycles from U.S. in September

First Tesla in Cuba, October 2023

From our Bureau of Very Porous “Blockades”

Yeah, Mildred, this blockade is truly inhumane. It’s genocidal, genocidal, I say . . .a crime against humanity . . . Those poor Cubans . . . Why does the U.S. make them suffer so much?

Why are they denied the joy of driving Teslas? . . . Oops, hey, Mildred, look, I just Googled “Tesla Cuba” and found I was wrong! Cubans can buy Teslas! I’m shocked, shocked . . . But what will they do when one of their frequent blackouts lasts for several days?

Those blackouts are caused by the blockade, Mildred, so, see, all of that suffering endured by Cubans is created by the U.S. blockade . . .

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

Cuba imported second-hand cars and other vehicles worth nearly a million dollars from the US in September, according to official data.

Exports of used vehicles amounted to $593,526 in September, according to statistics from the US-Cuba Economic and Trade Council (USCTEC).

Likewise, bodies for passenger cars worth $78,000, motorcycles ($34,000), and trailers and semi-trailers ($17,000) were also imported that month.

In recent times, Cubans have reported with surprise on the networks sightings of lots of imported cars, as well as Mercedes Benz, Audis, Toyotas or Mazdas that dot the landscape of a country where inequalities are increasingly widening.

Last April, the United States Department of the Treasury granted licenses to Miami businessmen to ship cars, trucks, tractors and even trailers to self-employed workers in Cuba.

The license is for 10 million dollars and only allows shipping to self-employed workers, not to Cuban Government agencies.

In October of last year, for its part, President Joe Biden’s administration also approved the export of electric motorcycles and scooters for Cuban citizens who require the use of the electric vehicle for their own personal and private business transportation on the island.

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