300 ‘diaspora’ Cubans flock to Havana to initiate investment partnerships with island’s dictatorship

Castropalooza ’23

From our Bureau of Dimwitted So-Called Exiles Without Consciences

Here we go again . . . Castro, Inc.’s clarion call to diaspora Cubans to help it stay afloat has been answered by 300 would-be investors.

Come on down, invest in us. Partner up. Enjoy our Castropalooza extravaganza. We’ll let you make some money, then, when you least expect it, we’ll stab you in the back and find some other sucker to take your place. Repeat, lather, rinse. . . . It’s such a profitable vicious cycle . . . and it keeps us in power.

Human rights? Did you say “derechos humanos”? Did you ask us about the 304 acts of repression we carried out last month? You’ve got to be kidding, right? No nos jodas con tal mierda. Don’t jerk us around with such crap.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

With the manifest intention of the Cuban regime to attract emigrants who want to invest in the country, the Fourth Conference on the Nation and Emigration began this Saturday in Havana, which brings together, according to official reports, some 300 Cubans residing abroad.

Held at the Convention Palace, where the island’s government holds the largest national and international events, the conference reserved for this Sunday the most anticipated topic: economic development and investment possibilities.

“This occurs in the midst of a transformative and revolutionary process in our economy, aimed at updating the socialist system, making it more efficient and adapting it to the current realities of the country and the world,” Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez said at the opening of the conference. Parrilla, cited by the official Cubadebate portal.

In the initial session, chaired by President Miguel Díaz-Canel and described by state media and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) as a “patriotic debate,” some of the participants pointed to the United States economic embargo on the island as the main obstacle “to establishing ties with the country and contributing to its development.”

In the midst of a deep economic crisis and the largest wave of migration in its recent history, which has seen more than 400,000 people leave the country in the last two years, the island’s regime has used the same argument on each occasion to blame to the US and the so-called “blockade” due to this situation.

The majority of participants in the conference come from the United States, followed by residents in Spain, Mexico, Panama, France, Italy and many other “latitudes,” according to Laura Pujol Torres, deputy director general of the General Directorate of Consular Affairs, told journalists. and Cuban Residents Abroad of MINREX.

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  1. One is too disgusted, not to say grossed out, to even say much, and the matter speaks for itself anyway. It’s not just that such Cubans are disgraceful in themselves, but that they disgrace all Cubans. Lord, the nausea.

  2. The regime is always organizing these get togethers with the “exile” community. They did it in the 1970s, 80s, 90s, and now. They always find willing “exiles” who are greedy and totally lacking in ethics.

    We should learn from the Jewish community that is doxxing and blacklisting people who support Hamas. These people need to be doxxed and if they live in Miami ostracized and blacklisted.

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