Cuban teachers given bananas as prize for their outstanding efforts

Joyful prize winners!

From our Bureau of Socialist Prizes with some assistance from our Bureau of Items That Should Be Considered When Measuring Any Misery Index

Nice prize! Wow, imagine the shock these teachers must have felt when they were singled out for this honor.

A whole bunch of burro bananas! That should put a dent in their constant hunger. Here are some recipes for those of our readers who are unfamiliar with this delicacy.

By the way, these burro bananas are a much more prestigious prize than the gourds awarded to teachers in another town a few months ago.

Nicely dressed bunch of teachers, too. Highest and most inspirational socialist fashion. Such a paradise!

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

The delivery of a bunch of burro bananas to a group of Guantanamo educators is another evidence of the misery prevailing in communist Cuba.

The images went viral in WhatsApp groups and on social networks, where the teachers are seen happy with their “prize.”

This occurred at the “Wilber Galano Reyes” basic secondary school in Baracoa, which is located in the municipality of Baracoa.

The donkey banana, known in the East of Cuba as “Fongo”, seems to be the only thing that occurred to the management of the educational establishment to stimulate the teaching staff.

The tweeter who identifies himself as Asere Ya replicated the news on his personal account on the social network X.

“They stimulate teachers in Guantanamo with a hand of donkey banana. The worst part is the joy and, above all, the gratitude of the miserable slaves, some of them willing to give even the last drop of blood to defend their misery.”

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