Argentina rejects socialism, elects Libertarian economist Javier Milei as president

Voters in Argentina on Sunday rejected the decades of socialist policies that have led to 143% inflation and an economy in tatters. Libertarian economist and firebrand Javier Milei had a simple message during his campaign: get rid of the leftists who have destroyed Argentina. That message apparently resounded with voters who chose him with 55% of the vote over Peronista leftist Sergio Massa.

Via Yahoo News:

Argentina elected the right-wing libertarian Javier Milei as its new president on Sunday.

Voters rolled the dice on an outsider with radical views to fix an economy battered by runaway inflation, giving Milei, an economist and former TV pundit, a clear win with 56% of the ballots.

He appears to have successfully harnessed a wave of public anger with Argentina’s political mainstream.

“Today brings an end to the impoverishing model of the omnipresent state, that only benefits some while the majority of Argentines suffer… Today we retake the path that made this country great. Today we embrace the ideas of libertarianism.”

Milei’s rival, Economy Minister Sergio Massa, conceded before official results were out.

Throughout his campaign, Milei railed against the corruption of leftist politicians, who through decades of socialist policies grew in number and became wealthier while inflation skyrocketed and poverty spread throughout the country. Often with a chainsaw in hand, Milei promised his presidency would bring much-needed change and cut out the leftist grifting that has hobbled the nation’s economy.

Yet it is Milei’s promise to shake everything up that seems to have lured these celebrating supporters to his camp.

“Argentina needed a change and that’s why I bet on this new proposal.”

“I want a change for my country that I deeply love and we’ve been suffering many years of decadence and this seemed to me like a good option, no more of the same. Enough already with Peronism, we already know them.”

Argentina has a long road ahead, but under Milei, it is a road to recovery, not a road to serfdom under socialism.

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  1. It’s way past time Argentinians stopped electing people still fixated on a dictatorial demagogue and his theatrical wife( (dripping in haute couture, furs and jewels while playing proletarian).

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