Rural retreat for Castro family and other Cuban elites exposed on social media

Sandro Castro and noviecita Laura Daniela Álvarez

From our Bureau of Socialist Equity and Social Justice with some assistance from our Orwellian Animal Farm Bureau

Aaaah! This is the life! Fidel’s grandson Sandro and his girlfriend have once again been dumb enough to boast on social media about their luxurious lifestyle.

As it turns out, there is a luxurious rural enclave reserved exclusively for Castro, Inc.’s top dogs and their parasitic acquaintances.

Once again, the truth is revealed. In Cuba, all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Loosely translated from CubaNet

Sandro Castro, the most famous of Fidel’s grandchildren for his scandals on social networks, has once again shown the life of luxury that can be afforded. As he has previously shown, the bubble that separates him from the majority of Cubans gives the boy privileges unthinkable for the Cuban people.

This time the former president’s grandson visited a farm with his girlfriend, located on the outskirts of the capital. Sandro, on his Instagram profile, replicated the photos published by his partner, Laura Daniela Álvarez, on the social network. In the images they are seen, along with two other people, enjoying a place surrounded by nature, drinks and elaborate dishes.

In one of the images, Castro closes his eyes while Laura kisses him on her face. They are both sitting on a large sofa, with very well-kept gardens in the background, and on the table you can see a glass from which they drink and a modern iPhone.

The place they label as the location is the El Patrón hacienda, which can be reached via the Camino San Gabriel, in the Habana del Este municipality. But Sandro is not the only privileged client that the estate receives. Dionisio Arranz, a businessman linked to luxury tourism in Cuba, has also been photographed in El Patrón.

These lands that the enterprise occupies, at least in appearance, are managed by a young Cuban, Carlos Milan.

Go HERE for more text in Spanish and lots of incriminating images.

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