Abbott goes Trump

Yes, it’s a crazy prediction, but stranger things have happened. We learned that Governor Abbott of Texas will endorse President Trump:   

Texas Governor Greg Abbott endorsed former President Donald Trump in his race to become Republican nominee for President of the United States.

“You need a new president,” Abbott said to the mayors of New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. on Sunday. “Joe Biden has failed at national security. We need a president that will secure the border.”

“We need Donald J. Trump back as our president of the United States of America,” Abbott said. “I’m here today to officially proclaim my endorsement for Donald J. Trump to be President of the United States of America, again.”

Trump responded, saying to Abbott, “I am going to make your job much easier. We love Texas.”

I’m sure President Trump loves Texas and President Biden has failed to secure the border.  

It could be just a big state governor watching the stars aligning for President Trump. In other words, that he will be nominee and his election prospects get better all the time.  Maybe that’s all there is.

Now for my crazy idea. What if Governor Abbott wants to return to “Attorney General Abbott,” only this time on the federal level? He served his earlier term in Texas well. I’m sure that United States AG Abbott would go after jurisdictions refusing to enforce immigration laws and won’t hesitate to recommend some harsh action against the cartels. He did it here and would have a lot more power as the head of the DoJ.

Maybe crazy, but AG Greg Abbott sounds good to me.

We discussed the Texas political arena with George Rodriguez, South Texas conservative, and other stories.

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