Cuban artist creates AI-generated images of Fidel Castro monument being destroyed

From our Bureau of Wishful Thinking From Exiled Artists From Socialist Latrine American Totalitarian Hellholes

Now, let’s use our imaginations, kids! Think of things you would like to see some day but seem impossible right now.

How about toppling a tyrant’s statue?

Yeah, cool, teacher, let’s see that.!

Okay, kids, here you go, look at the images above. And go HERE for more such images, in larger versions!

Hey, wait a minute, teacher, these aren’t good enough! That monument is purely imaginary. And in that first image, if viewed by itself, it could give the impression that the mob is worshiping the monument.

So, instead, how about an image that depicts of the desecration of a REAL monument to that dictator? . . .

Yeah! And make it scary, too . . .

Okay, kids, here you go . . .

From World Nation News

Exiled Cuban artist Camila Lobón has imagined a Fidel Castro monument being “destroyed” on the last day of the Cuban dictatorship.

The work “Monument to be toppled” was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and represents a series of images of a crowd of Cubans removing a statue of the dictator, leaving an empty pedestal. in its place.

Lobón, one of the critical artists who are part of the 27N movement and close to the San Isidro Movement, who was exiled after the pressure and humiliation he was subjected to by the State Security, spread the pictures on Facebook.

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