Cuban political prisoner from July 11 protests dies from lack of medical care

Over 1,000 Cubans, including children, are rotting in Castro gulags now for protesting the oppression of the communist Castro dictatorship. One of them, who was denied medical care, died on Sunday. Luis Barrios Diaz, 37, had been suffering respiratory issues since August and had to be hospitalized. However, since the Castro dictatorship didn’t have enough fuel to transport armed guards to watch him in the hospital, he was returned to prison, where his health deteriorated and without hospital care, he died. Here is the story.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

July 11 political prisoner dies from lack of medical care

July 11th political prisoner Luis Barrios Díaz, 37, passed away on November 19th at La Covadonga hospital in Havana due to lack of medical attention, as reported by the Cuban Observatory of Human Rights (OCDH) this Monday.

According to the report, Barrios Díaz had been experiencing respiratory problems since last August, for which he had been admitted to the infirmary of the 1580 prison in San Miguel del Padrón and later transferred to that hospital for specialized care.

Doctors at La Covadonga informed prison authorities that hospitalization was required due to the prisoner’s poor health. However, officials decided to return him to the prison, claiming they had no fuel “to ensure constant surveillance of the political prisoner.”

According to the OCDH, this decision worsened his health condition.

The inmate underwent emergency surgery on November 18th and died in intensive care due to respiratory complications.

Endris Arias Meralla, a fellow inmate and friend of the deceased, informed the OCDH that the authorities, in an attempt to absolve themselves of responsibility, immediately processed a parole order for the political prisoner.

Luis Barrios Díaz was sentenced by the Municipal Court of Arroyo Naranjo to 9 years in prison for his involvement in the July 2021 demonstrations, accused of the alleged crimes of public disorder and assault.

The OCDH highlighted that other political prisoners have deteriorating health conditions, such as opposition leaders Félix Navarro and José Daniel Ferrer.

Finally, the organization called for a statement from democratic governments and the European Union regarding this matter.

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