Cuban academic who protested for freedom and human rights found guilty of ‘disobedience’

All the academic and intellectual Alina Barbara Lopez did was peacefully call for freedom and respect for human rights in Cuba. For that, the Castro dictatorship has found her guilty of “disobedience.” In communist Cuba, the simple act of mentioning freedom or asking for human rights is a crime that can easily land you in a gulag, no matter who you are. This is socialism in action.

Via Barrons:

A respected Cuban academic said Tuesday she had been found guilty of “disobedience” and ordered under house arrest after carrying out a series of solo protests to demand respect for human rights.

“The trial is over,” historian Alina Barbara Lopez, 58, wrote on her Facebook account.

“I can only say that I was found guilty of the crime of disobedience and that I will appeal,” Lopez wrote.

The judge also sided with prosecutors and ordered that Lopez be fined and barred from leaving the country, she said.

“It was a day of much outrage. The court was surrounded by police, by patrol cars in all the surrounding streets,” she later told AFP.

In April, after an earlier detention, Lopez began a solitary campaign of protest, sitting on the 18th of every month in Liberty Park in the city of Matanzas, east of Havana.

She posted her demands on social media, and they included convoking a constituent assembly, freedom for political prisoners, and cessation of harassment of those exercising their freedom of expression.

One of the biggest ironies here is that the most ardent fans and defenders of Cuba’s communist dictatorship are American academics and leftist intellectuals who will never utter a word of complaint, even when one of their own is punished for simply expressing themselves.

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  1. Oh, but the Latin American Studies Association (LASA), which is so devoted to human rights and social justice and exists for the benefit of “Latin” academics, will vigorously support and defend her. Or not.

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