U.S. keeps Cuba on the State Sponsors of Terrorism list

The U.S. State Department has decided to keep Cuba on the State Sponsors of Terrorism list for another year, which will certainly lead to another hissy fit by the Cuban dictatorship. Cuba joins their terrorist allies Iran, Syria, and North Korea for another year on the list.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

The United States has decided to keep Cuba on the list of state sponsors of terrorism for another year, as stated in the 2022 report on terrorism in the world published on Thursday by the Department of State.

North Korea, Iran, and Syria, along with Cuba, complete the list, which entails the imposition of a series of sanctions by Washington.

Cuba’s inclusion on the list in January 2021 was one of the last decisions made by the administration of Republican Donald Trump (2017-2021) before leaving office.

At that time, the United States justified the measure by citing the presence on the island of members of the Colombian guerrilla group ELN, who traveled to Havana to initiate peace negotiations with the Colombian government. During that period, the armed group claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack against the Colombia National Police Cadet School, which resulted in 22 deaths and 87 injuries.

The Joe Biden administration, in its recently published report, states that “the Cuban government did not formally respond to extradition requests” for ELN leaders Pablo Tejada and Pablo Beltrán submitted by Colombia.

“Cuba also continues to harbor several fugitives from American justice wanted for charges related to political violence, many of whom have resided in Cuba for decades,” it adds.

The communist Castro regime hates the designation, but isn’t willing to give up harboring fugitive terrorists, aiding terrorist groups abroad, and expressing full support for the savage terrorist attack by Hamas. The reality is the Cuban dictatorship makes too much money off terrorism to ever give it up.

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