American diplomat who spied for Cuba claimed role in shoot-down of American planes by Cuban military

As more information comes to light about the traitorous espionage carried out by U.S. diplomat Manuel Rocha on behalf of the Cuban dictatorship, the more it turns the stomach. Not only was Rocha passing sensitive U.S. intelligence to the Castro regime for more than 40 years, he also claimed to be the Cuban “agent in charge” when two American civilian planes on a humanitarian mission over international waters were shot down by the Cuban military, murdering four innocent Americans.

Via ADN America:

The former U.S. diplomat arrested in Miami on Friday for acting as an agent for the Cuban communist regime, appeared in court at the Southern District of Florida on Monday, answering charges filed by the Justice Department.

According to a felony complaint filed by federal prosecutors, Victor Manuel Rocha, 73, acted as an agent for the regime in a clandestine capacity for more than four decades since 1981.


Rocha repeatedly referred to himself in the collective when speaking to the FBI as if to align himself with the Cuban regime. He often used the term “we” and vowed to “protect … what we have done.”

When the undercover FBI agent, asked him “are you still with us?” Rocha became flustered and said he was “angry” that the regime was questioning his allegiance. “It’s like questioning my manhood,” he said.

He also made a veiled reference to orchestrating the famous 1996 “Brothers to the Rescue” shooting, which made worldwide news and remained a spur in the side of the Cuban exile community.

The humanitarian, non-violent group would scour the Straits of Florida searching for Cuban refugees trying to sail to freedom on rafts, and make efforts to rescue them.

In 1996, the Cuban Air Force shot down two of the planes, killing four Miami exiles who gave their lives to save their Cuban brethren.

Rocha alluded to his involvement in the incident by referring to himself as being the agent “in charge” during “the knock down of small planes,” which prosecutors alleges was a reference to the 1996 shoot-down.

The incident has been widely recognized as an “act of terrorism” and was even condemned by the U.N. Security Council.

I’m afraid this is just the tip of the iceberg. It is still early, and much more information about the horrible damage done to America by this treasonous spy is yet to be revealed.

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  1. He was stationed at the US Interest Section in Havana when the shootdown happened. No doubt he was somehow involved in the matter, which would make him an accessory to the crime.

    Again, this guy is not an isolated case. I would consider any Hispanic involved with Cuba policy in the US government as potentially suspect. Of course, there are bound to be non-Hispanic Castro agents also, but Hispanics deserve particular scrutiny.

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