Castro dictatorship publishes a most-wanted ‘terrorists’ list made up of Cuban exiles

A group of Cubans in exile have been put on a most wanted list of terrorists by the communist Castro regime. Compiled and made public by the Interior Ministry (Cuban State Security), the list includes media personalities, journalists, social media influencers, democracy activists, and human rights groups who have been vocal in condemning Cuba’s communist dictatorship. Looking at the names on the list and their alleged crimes, one can only laugh. The desperation and ludicrousness of a terror-sponsoring communist regime in decline grows worse with each passing day.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Regime declares Alex Otaola and dozens of other activists and organizations to be ‘terrorists’

The Cuban regime’s Ministry of the Interior (MININT) included a Cuban media personality residing in the United States, Alexander Otaola, in a “National List” of “persons and entities linked to acts of terrorism,” which includes dozens of activists, journalists, influencers, and organizations based in the United States.

This list, which is part of MINIT’s Resolution 19/2023, was made public this Thursday in the extraordinary edition #83 of the Official Gazette. Moreover, the document attributes to the United States the responsibility for promoting actions against the security of the Cuban State.

Resolution 19/2023 presents organizations and individuals with investigation files on actions, infiltrations, and terrorist acts related to the United States, considered threats for promoting actions against the regime of the Island.

The official document also states that the United States is the operational site for individuals and groups accused of organizing, financing, providing means, and executing actions against the security of the Cuban State.

The resolution identifies 61 individuals who allegedly have promoted terrorism or destabilization in Cuba. Among those included in Investigative File 71/2021 are Alexander Otaola, Eliecer Ávila, Liudmila (Liu) Santiesteban, Manuel Milanés, Alain Lambert (Paparazzi Cubano), and Jorge Ramón Batista (Ultrack).

According to MININT, the investigation against the six Cuban citizens residing in the United States was opened “for inciting actions that affect social order in Cuba and promoting armed aggression.”

The list also includes other activists or influencers, such as the Cuban Ana Olema Hernández Matamoros “for financing and carrying out activities aimed at destabilizing social order in Cuba” and Alexander Alazo Baró “for the firearm attack on the Embassy of Cuba in the United States on April 30, 2020.”

The list also includes 19 “entities or criminal organizations based in the United States that organize, finance, provide means, and execute actions against the security of the Cuban State.” Among them are ALPHA-66, the Cuban American National Foundation (FNCA), Brothers to the Rescue, the Assembly of the Resistance, and the Cuban Nationalist Party (PNC).

According to the resolution, MININT “ensures the existence of reasonable grounds or motives to include these individuals and entities or organizations on the National List of terrorists, with duly documented evidence.”

MININT also stated that these individuals and organizations “are being sought by Cuban authorities.”

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