Cuba prepares for International Human Rights Day by militarizing streets, harassing dissidents

From our Bureau of Socialist Human Rights Celebrations with some assistance from our Bureau of Real-Life Orwellian Dystopias

Castro, Inc. is making its repressors work overtime this weekend as International Human Rights Day approaches. While some agents of the Ministry of Interior are being deployed to the homes of dissidents, to keep an eye on them, other agents have been busy harassing and arresting dissidents. Oh, the beauty of socialist tolerance! You must admit that one of the most beautiful of Cuba’s socialist laws is the one that allows for the government to arrest anyone it suspects of “potential dangerousness.” How absolutely beautiful!

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

“Militarization is perceptible throughout Havana,” Cuban journalist Camila Acosta Rodríguez denounced in recent hours.

“Relatives of political prisoners also inform me that “strange movements” are observed in the prisons. The objective is to prevent citizen mobilization to protest against the dictatorship,” the journalist warned.

On Friday, the researcher also published on her social networks images of State Security agents and police around her home to prevent her from participating in any event related to the December 10 celebration of International Human Rights Day.

“As of today, I have police surveillance outside my home. The objective is to prevent me from going out on the street before, during and after International Human Rights Day. This is the fourth time in 4 consecutive years that it has occurred on the commemoration of this date.” , he denounced.

“It is arbitrary. There is no official document or judicial process that justifies it. The Cuban regime violates my right to free movement. It also constitutes a mechanism of intimidation because, if I go out into the street, I will be detained and it is likely that I will be accused of a common crime,” added the journalist.

Days ago, Granma, the newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party, accused exiles and opponents on the island in an editorial of preparing “a general strike for December 10 and 11, in the context of International Human Rights Day.” “and organize protest events during the pilgrimage of San Lázaro, traditionally carried out on December 17..

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