China opens foreign-currency stores in Cuba where merchandise can only be purchased from abroad

Yes, that sign says it all: “We know what you need”. . . and the small print below the slogan probably says “but your relatives in the diaspora will have to buy it for you.”

From our Bureau of Economic Apartheid with some assistance from our Bureau of Parasitic Socialist Latrine American Hellholes

Hey, Mildred, look, these two new stores in Cuba sell all sorts of stuff, including appliances and vehicles! How wonderful! Now those nice Cubans in the diaspora will have a much easier time buying the things needed by their families on the island. Stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, fans, televisions, even mopeds and trucks! Yes, yes, yes, the only way to purchase these items is from abroad, with foreign currency. No pesos allowed! How wonderful, how utterly wonderful. What a giant step in the process of making all eleven million Cubans totally dependent on their relatives abroad!

And those diaspora Cubans will no longer have to lug all this merchandise from abroad on their Yo-Yo trips. Their relatives can visit these Chinese stores, pick out what they want, send their diaspora cousins a shopping list and those cousins can simply find those items online from wherever they are, and click “pay now” and, bingo, their relatives can get an 88-inch television, a rice cooker, a blender, and an air conditioner! Now, this is absolute proof that the Revolution has been a resounding success. Such progress! All thanks to China!

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Partnering with China, the Cuban Government has created two new foreign currency payment stores that offer everything from household appliances to cars, tractors or trucks.

With the inauguration on Friday of the delivery point located on Infanta Street in Central Havana, Tiendas Caribe (chain of establishments of the military conglomerate GAESA) began operations of the GD-Mart online store in alliance with the Chinese company Guangdong Stationery & Sporting Goods Corp, reported the official Cubadebate site.

The head of the Tiendas Caribe purchasing group, Luis Orlando López, explained that the establishment specializes in household appliances and “will have a large inventory on the market that will impact the speed of deliveries.”

The store’s managers explained that it will only accept payments from abroad and “intends to offer competitive prices in relation to the national market.” Regarding the new store’s assortments, López added: “Brands like LG and Samsung are interested in including their products on our platform and marketing them in our country.”

The trade offers industrial and agricultural machinery, cars, motorcycles, trucks, hardware, furniture, textiles, among other products manufactured in the Asian country. The Dofimall website does not display the prices of its products without logging in. To do this, the user must create an account and detail which company they belong to.

This store is part of PICLA, a Beijing project that includes Havana and that was discussed during a visit by Manuel Marrero to that country at the beginning of last November.

While these businesses advance in dollars of the regime, the stores in Cuban pesos remain empty due to the deep shortage of basic supplies that the degraded socialist economy cannot supply.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

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  1. The regime has zero shame and needs real money, and this is a proven way to generate income. It has always been a parasite itself, so it is entirely fitting for it to groom Cubans as parasites in its service.

  2. And in case anyone doesn’t know it, the savages have been trained to see this sort of situation as normal, since it has long been normal for them to live off charity from outside–at least if they can access it. Those who can’t are obviously screwed, but even they understand the concept well enough.

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