Man who jet-skied from Miami to Cuba accused of plotting violent overthrow of island’s dictatorship

From our Bureau of Rare Wrong-Way Crossings of the Florida Straits with some assistance from our Meme-Worthy Feats by Diaspora Cubans

Wow. Did you know a conspiracy to overthrow Cuba’s dictatorship almost succeeded this past week? Yes, believe it or not, a Cuban landed his jet ski on the north coast of the island, carrying weapons and a plan for toppling Castro, Inc. So says Castro, Inc.

Memes about this unusual event began to pop up on social media almost immediately. See meme above and go HERE for more.

From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters)

Cuba said late on Saturday it had thwarted a terrorist plot hatched in neighboring south Florida, according to a report broadcast on state-run media, after a man allegedly arrived on the island by jetski to commit acts of violence.

The resulting investigation, which state-run media said was still underway, alleged the plot was tied to at least two groups, Nueva Nacion Cubana and La Nueva Nacion Cubana en Armas, which Cuba has labeled as terrorist entities.

Reuters was unable to contact either of the groups late on Saturday.

The report said one of the men it had arrested, who appeared on the program but whose identity was unclear, was armed with several handguns, ammunition clips and ammo.

The report alleged the man, a Cuban residing in Florida, had entered Cuba illegally on a jetski with a Florida registration, which he then abandoned in a mangrove swamp on the island`s north coast before making his way overland to Cienfuegos, in south-central Cuba.

The man then attempted to recruit others to assist in committing acts of violence, arson and vandalism before his eventual arrest, according to the report.

State-run media said several other Cubans, residing both in South Florida and in Cuba, were under investigation for their involvement in the alleged plot.

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