Cuban Christmas dinner costs 33% to 42% of an annual salary at online stores (without dessert or beverage)

The military junta will feed you as long as you have relatives abroad

From our Bureau of Culinary Apartheid with some assistance from our Bureau of Parasitic Socialist Social Justice

Aaaaaayy! If you’re Cuban and you want to enjoy a simple Christmas dinner consisting of some pork, yuca, rice & black beans, the only way you can get one is to be an oligarch or to have very generous relatives abroad. Online stores controlled by the government — that is the Communist Party and its military junta — will sell you the food, but only if you have dollars or euros.

And the meal will cost the same as four or five months worth of the average Cuban salary, per person. And dessert and beverage will cost you even more than that. Meanwhile somewhere in the “diaspora” someone is raking in profits in cahoots with Castro, Inc. Isn’t this lovely? Feliz Navidad . . . Aaaaah, the wonders of parasitism.

Abridged and loosely translated from CubaNet

The Christmas and New Year festivities are approaching, at a time when ordinary Cubans have little to celebrate and, even less, the possibility of preparing the traditional dinners for these dates, due to the high prices of food, when they find each other.

There will be some luckier ones with family or friends abroad willing to pay for a dinner with products from online stores such as Supermarket23 or Katapulk, where you can find what is scarce in state stores.

In Cuba, almost no one receives their salaries in foreign currency, and the national banks do not issue Visa or Mastercard cards, which are necessary to buy in these places. But, how much would a New Year’s Eve dinner in these places cost a Cuban family? Thinking about a typical meal for these dates on the Island: congrí rice, pork, yucca and salad.

It is worth noting that, as of today, December 15, the dollar has a buying and selling price in the informal market of 270 Cuban pesos, and that an average salary is 2,100 Cuban pesos, that is, 7.77 dollars.

Doing the math, it would be about 30 dollars, therefore, 8,100 Cuban pesos; that is, almost four months of work for a Cuban, taking into account the basic salary, for a single dinner.

All this organizing a very simple meal, without adding drinks or desserts.

These pages also offer ready-made dinner combos. In this case, as seen on the Katapulk website, a meal for two ranges between 20 and 40 dollars (10,800 Cuban pesos): more than five months of work.

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  1. The regime has no real incentive to improve the food situation in Cuba as long as the “diaspora” shells out the money for Cubans on the island to buy overpriced food in hard currency. It’s a racket, obviously.

    And you’d better believe the “diaspora” is gonna pay for a LOT of these holiday dinners. That’s the idea.

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