Newborn’s leg broken during Castro dictatorship’s forced eviction of a Cuban family

In communist Cuba, not even newborn infants are safe from the violent and brutal repression of the Castro dictatorship. A mother who just gave birth was forced to seek shelter in an abandoned office after the building she lived in collapsed due to the criminal negligence of the Cuban regime. Soon after, government agents arrived and forcibly evicted them from the empty office, breaking the 12-day-old infant’s leg during the violent expulsion.

To make matters worse, the Castro dictatorship is now charging the infant’s father and aunt with assault for trying to defend the mother and her baby from the violent eviction. This is socialism in action.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Castro regime agents injure a baby while carrying out an eviction

A Cuban mother and her newborn became victims of the brutality that characterizes agents of the Castro regime. Exiled doctor Alexander Figueredo Izaguirre took to Facebook to share the story of the mother, Shaquira Alvarado Gutiérrez, and her 12-day-old baby.

The nightmare began when the mother, her husband, and an aunt took possession of an abandoned medical office due to the need for a safe living space after the dangerous situation of their home following a collapse

Instead of offering them help or a safe place for the newborn, individuals connected to the management of the “28 de Septiembre” Polyclinic began harassing the family to force them out of the place.

At 11:00 a.m. last Friday, the director of the health center and three men showed up at the office without showing any compassion for the presence of the baby. They forcefully tried to remove the mentioned individuals and in the struggle, fractured the baby girl’s leg. Additionally, they tore off the door of the office.

As the father and the aunt did everything possible to defend the mother with the baby, they are now facing prosecution. The man is detained on charges of assault, while the woman is also has charges levied against her.

The newborn is currently at the orthopedic ward of ‘La Colonia’, bed #17, with two fractures in her leg. “I ask that the culprits pay for what happened to my baby, please, I ask my friends and those who are not, to share this message so that justice can be served,” she stated.

This shocking story sheds light on the difficult conditions faced by hundreds of families in Cuba, who lack a secure place to live due to the poor conditions of their homes and the deficit in housing construction by the regime.

Communist authorities reported at the beginning of October that the island has a deficit of 800,000 houses. This number was revealed after an evaluation by the Council of Ministers, as reported by the official newspaper Granma.

Despite four years having passed since the implementation of a government strategy to address the issue, the report specified that only 127,345 homes have been built nationwide, while another 106,332 have undergone rehabilitation. The provinces with the greatest backlog are Havana, Holguín, Santiago de Cuba, and Camagüey.

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