Russia donates fleet of fire trucks to Cuba

Wonderful gift from Czar Vlad the Invader

From our Bureau of Twenty-First Century Neocolonialism with some assistance from our Bureau of Steady Russification of Socialist Latrine American Totalitarian Hellholes

It continues. Keeps rolling on. Russification is now a fact of life in Castrogonia. The latest gift from sugar daddy Czar Vlad the Invader is a fleet of fire trucks. Obviously, a great imperial power can’t afford to let one of their colonies burn down due to the lack of firefighting equipment.

Whether or not this gift will require some reciprocal favor from the colony — such as sending mercenaries to the front lines in Ukraine — has not been disclosed, but you can be sure that Grand Putinia will insist on its pound of flesh.

By the way, does that Ural Next firetruck above look slightly antiquated to you?

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation donated a fleet of URAL NEXT fire trucks to the Cuban Fire Department in order to use them at refineries and airports.

The vehicles, highlighted for their advanced tactical-technical characteristics, are especially suitable for extinguishing fires in critical facilities and arrived on the Island as part of a “cooperation initiative between the two countries,” according to the official Prensa Latina.

Each truck is equipped with tanks capable of holding ten tons of water and high-capacity pumping systems, in addition to having notable corrosion resistance.

To begin using the trucks, it will be necessary for the Cuban firefighter commandos to receive training from Russian specialists. With this objective, preparation days are planned at the Mártires de la Calle Patria Specialized Teaching Institution.

The Russian-Cuban Center for the Training of Specialists, which celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2024, will also provide technical-tactical preparation for the use of Russian firefighting systems. The Minister of Emergencies of Russia, Alexandr Kurenkov, has emphasized the importance of this center in the training of experts from all over Latin America and the Caribbean.

Over the past five years, Russia has donated significant amounts of resources to Cuba, including the delivery of more than 22,000 tons of food, medicine and medical devices.

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  1. Those trucks won’t last a day. The regime will probably give them to some other country in other to keep up the facade that Cuba is a generous country. Remember the 125 sanitation trucks that Japan gave Cuba? They disappeared.

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