Cuban dictatorship tried to influence 2022 midterm elections, says U.S. intelligence

A report released by the U.S. intelligence community on Monday says that Cuba’s Castro dictatorship attempted to influence the outcome of the 2022 midterm elections in the U.S. The report outlines how the Cuban regime used its allies in the media and an army of cyber warriors to attack and discredit candidates who stood against the communist regime.

Via the Tampa Bay Times:

The Cuban government conducted influence operations in the United States “aimed at denigrating specific U.S. candidates in Florida” during the 2022 midterm elections, the U.S. intelligence community said in a report published Monday evening.

The report, released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, said that Cuban officials worked to build relationships with members of the American media who held critical views of Havana’s critics in Congress, and that a network of social media accounts “almost certainly covertly tied” to Cuba “amplified derogatory content” on U.S. politicians viewed as hostile to the Cuban state.

While this may come as a surprise to U.S. intelligence and others, it has actually been going on since Fidel Castro came into power. The Cuban dictatorship has used its own officials as well as American surrogates to lobby congress to lift sanctions and attack U.S. politicians who oppose them. It has never been a secret, although many tried to pretend it wasn’t happening. That anyone would think this is some type of new development shows they are either profoundly obtuse or disturbingly dishonest.

U.S. intelligence would like you to believe this is something new, but everyone knows the communist Castro dictatorship has been trying to influence U.S. policy and elections for decades.

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  1. So? The “revolution” must do whatever it takes to protect itself. Totally justified (like Hamas). Move along.

    And you gotta hand it to Castro II (who may not even be a Castro)–not too many people with zero real military background run around most of their lives in a military costume, let alone as a 4-star general.

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