Freed spy Ana Belén Montes honored in Puerto Rico for her ‘human rights’ work on behalf of Cuban dictatorship

Ana being honored for her work on behalf of murderous tyrants

From our Bureau of Highly Offensive Tributes with some assistance from our Bureau of Latrine American Behavior and our Spanish language Buró de Cosas Asquerosas

Ana Belén Montes, who spied for the Cuban dictatorship for many years and served 22 years of a 25-year prison sentence, has one thing in common with the recently arrested ex-diplomat Victor Manuel Rocha: Both of them are non-Cubans who acted treasonously for ideological reasons. In other words, both are Latrine American icons who embody the very essence of Latrine American heinousness and stupidity. The same can be said for The Puerto Rico Human Rights Committee, which just honored Ana the spy for her betrayal of the U.S. and the enslaved Cuban people.

The lovely Ana had this to say when she was sent to prison: “I felt morally obligated to help the island defend itself from our efforts to impose our values and our political system on it,”

Thoroughly disgusting. Totalmente asqueroso. Ay, Mima, traime la palangana, rápido, que tengo ganas de vomitar . . .

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The Puerto Rico Human Rights Committee organized a tribute to former spy Ana Belén Montes in what was her first public appearance since she was released from prison in January 2023. The event took place during the Trovadores del Mundo concert, held on Friday in The College of Engineers, in the Puerto Rican capital, picked up the official Cubadebate portal.

The Committee gave Montes a copy of the work “Wing that fell into the sea” by Ivonne Rivera, a painting with an image of her and the flags of Cuba and Puerto Rico intertwined over her head, and a floral arrangement.

Cubadebate referred to Montes, cataloged as one of the most harmful spies in the history of the United States, as an “extraordinary Puerto Rican woman” who for years warned the Cuban regime of “aggressive plans of the US Government, solely out of solidarity.”

The former Defense analyst for the US Government, who passed secrets and information to Havana for almost 17 years, was released from prison at the beginning of 2023, after serving 22 years of confinement, although under a conditional release regime for five years.

As part of her plea deal with federal prosecutors, Montes pleaded guilty in 2002 to conspiring with Cuban intelligence agents to commit espionage and she was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The US government has not explained why it released Montes early.

The former spy, of Puerto Rican origin, acknowledged having revealed to the Cuban authorities the identities of four undercover agents who worked for the United States.

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3 thoughts on “Freed spy Ana Belén Montes honored in Puerto Rico for her ‘human rights’ work on behalf of Cuban dictatorship”

  1. I foisted this story onto Carlos because I was too disgusted by it to post on it myself. It felt like mopping up vomit from multiple people, though I suppose I should be more blasé about these things by now.

    Castro, Inc. operatives and/or sympathizers in Puerto Rico could easily be behind this abomination, but it’s still appalling to see such absolute lack of shame and such brazen perversity. It’s no surprise ABM shows no remorse, and in a way, the people making a public show of “honoring” her are more disgusting.

    Her entire government career was a fraud. She never did the job she was hired to do but rather the opposite, meaning she stole every penny she was paid, which came from taxpayers like us. Then there’s the money it cost to supply her needs in prison for two decades, also from taxpayers like us. And yet, she’s prepared to flaunt her lack of remorse openly, knowing it will be disseminated by the media.

    As for her Puerto Rican fan club, even if they’re not Castro agents, they’re honoring someone who betrayed the country Puerto Rico has been living off for ages, as in biting the hand that feeds them. Again, appalling.

    This is yet another reason why I utterly reject the “Latino” label, which I associate with alien beings.

  2. Too bad that this UTTERLY traitorous POS did not hang for her crimes. How many Cubans were either killed or imprisoned by her despicable actions? Montes should be sued in civil court by the estates of the survivors.

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