Cuban-American soprano Lisette Oropesa sings Rossini live

International opera star Lisette Oropesa sings a bravura aria from Rossini’s 1823 Italian opera Semiramide in a live performance, meaning what you hear is what you get, without any recording studio tricks or tweaks. This kind of coloratura showpiece requires something like vocal gymnastics, so as they say in Hialeah, no es fácil.

A wonderful thing about opera is that, even if one doesn’t know the language or the words, the human voice can be enjoyed purely as a musical instrument, potentially the greatest of all instruments, if the singer is good enough.

Lisette is having a brilliant career; she’s a big deal in the opera world. There’s no question she is the most successful opera singer of Cuban extraction ever, and that may also apply to all Hispanic countries apart from Spain.


5 thoughts on “Cuban-American soprano Lisette Oropesa sings Rossini live”

  1. Asombra,

    I for one am delighted you are posting about Lisette Oropesa. She is very talented, refined and intelligent. There are videos on YouTube of her interviewed in Italian, French, English and Spanish and she does so with ease, and is always poised. She performs in the best opera houses in the world and is praised and wildly applauded in each of her presentations. Some fans compare her to La Callas! She gives Cubans a lot of prestige. please keep on writing about her.

      • Definitely. Cubans are not the most refined people in the world. Many years ago, in Union City, Reinaldo Arenas gave a book presentation and nobody showed up, but then el Duke Hernandez came over and they gave him a parade and the keys to the city. Hernandez turned out to be a huge disappointment. as a ball player in the USA and even returned to Cuba on vacation.

        • It’s not a question of refinement but of merit. Far too much is made of lots of people who are not all that, both Cuban and otherwise. As for Arenas, Cubans have never been especially literary, and back in the 80s, his homosexuality would have kept many away.

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