It seems Mariela Castro has a new pad, and it’s not precisely proletarian

Apparently, though of course it’s not official, “revolutionary” princess Mariela Castro, daughter of “retired” dictator Raúl Castro, has taken up residence in new digs in the exclusive Siboney section of Havana. Habitual passers-by in that area report seeing her entering her “palace” almost daily. The residence, ‘Villa Palmera,” was formerly a pricey rental property for foreigners. It has deluxe furnishings, four bedrooms, five baths, AC, a pool and manicured gardens, and is 15 minutes from the airport and close to Marina Hemingway. Be sure to see the slide show of the place here.

Reportedly, she previously lived in another mansion in the Miramar section of Havana. Needless to say, nobody in Cuba lives even remotely this well or can even dream of doing so except for the ruling elite and its close adherents. The housing situation for ordinary Cubans is woefully insufficient and often downright ruinous, as in dangerously unsafe. Mariela, of course, is not just “royalty” but a high-profile political figure, far more so than the various offspring of Fidel Castro (who no doubt live well enough but are much less prominent). Rank, obviously, has its privileges.

It is just such luxury living that was long decried as decadent bourgeois excess by exponents of the “revolution,” but it is only fairly recently that their own highly privileged living arrangements have gotten more exposure (though most Cubans always suspected that was the case). Still, given how miserably shabby and run-down living conditions have become for average people in Cuba, the contrast between the haves and have-nots is more brutal than ever.

It might be argued that Mariela “works for it” compared to more parasitic members of the Castro family, but the question then becomes what is the nature of her work, what is its goal, and how does that help the Cuban people? The latter are certainly not leaving Cuba in droves because they’re happy with their quality of life on the island, and the radical changes needed to reverse that increasingly desperate situation are NOT what Mariela Castro seeks.

So, as always in “egalitarian” totalitarian systems, all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

3 thoughts on “It seems Mariela Castro has a new pad, and it’s not precisely proletarian”

  1. Mariela, of course, owes everything to being a certain man’s daughter, just as he owes everything to being a certain man’s brother. The relative obscurity of Fidel’s children suggests he had no interest in grooming possible replacements (he already had totally servile Raúl), and probably no interest in his children period.

  2. She’s an absolutely vile woman. Like her infamous and diabolical uncle, she hides behind humanitarian soundbytes and faux concern for the Cuban masses who are dying because of us horrible Cuban exiles [the embargo!, the embargo!, the embargo!] and who unlike her have to work our tails off in order to make a living, while that entire clan live off stolen property and have become a caricature of what Cuba was allegedly before 1959, un latifundio of peasants and a few rich. Hell has a special place for her and her boogers.

    • She’s a product of her DNA (from both sides) and her upbringing, and bad as she is, she could have turned out even worse. In a way, she’s simply doing what she can get away with and even get credit for–plenty of foreigners buy her “gay rights” BS and anti-Israel animus, for instance. Basically, she’s tending to the family business, which has been berry, berry good to her.

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