Nicaraguan dictatorship ramps up persecution of Catholic Church, bans public Christmas celebrations

No posadas for you !

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Taking a page out of the Castro, Inc. playbook, Nicaragua’s dictatorship decided to stamp out public displays of Christmas joy this year, forbidding all outdoor “posadas”, that is, representations of the birth of Christ that employ living human actors. At the same time, the dictatorship also sentenced members of a Catholic charitable association for the alleged crime of “money laundering.”

This conviction is only a small part of a much larger plan to dismantle all charitable organizations run by the Catholic Church. The objective, of course, is to make the government the sole dispenser of help to the poor and needy.

Abridged from National Catholic Reporter

Six lay staff members from a now-closed diocesan Cáritas chapter were convicted on money laundering charges in Nicaragua on Christmas Eve as the Sandinista regime stepped up its crackdown on the Catholic Church over the Christmas season. The Nicaraguan government has also forbidden the enactment of traditional “posadas,” the living Nativity scenes created in the streets in the days leading up to Christmas.

The six convicted staff members previously worked for Caritas in the Diocese of Estelí — where imprisoned Bishop Rolando Álvarez of Matagalpa is apostolic administrator — which was closed in 2022 as part of the regime’s repression of church, charitable and non-governmental organizations. Nicaraguan media identified the six Caritas staff as Julio Sevilla, Julio Berríos, Bladimir Pallés, María Verónica Herrera Galeano, Freydell Andino and Mariví Andino.

The regime has revoked the legal status of more than 3,500 non-governmental organizations in recent years, including Caritas chapters and Catholic projects such as universities, arguing the groups often failed to comply with tax laws and governance rules. . .

. . . The Christmas crackdown has extended to prohibitions on religious celebrations and expressions of popular piety important to many in Nicaragua. Most recently, police visited priests to warn against organizing traditional posadas — public Nativity scenes with children portraying figures such as Mary and Joseph — according to Molina.

The police have announced that they will not allow outdoor posadas and that they will only be allowed inside churches.

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