Princess Mariela Castro moves to opulent mansion in exclusive Havana suburb

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La Princesa de los Mocos has moved to a new palace. Take a look at the slide show above. This is how Cuban royalty lives. No information is available on who owned this palatial home or the artwork within it before Castro, Inc. stole all of it. Until very recently this luxurious home was advertised as a tourist rental.

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

Mariela Castro, daughter of former Cuban leader Raúl Castro, has moved her residence to an opulent mansion in Havana. The change was noticed by regular passersby in the area, who told Periódico Cubano that they see the “princess” enter her “castle” almost daily.

The new home of the niece of the historic Fidel Castro would be Villa Palmera —or Villa Havana according to Google Maps—, located on 17th Street between 206 and 214 No. 20605 in the Siboney neighborhood, in Havana, and which is known for its lavishness and privileged location.

Since 2016, the villa had been listed on digital rental sites such as Airbnb; where for an approximate cost of 585 USD you could spend the night, but its offer was withdrawn several years ago. The mansion has four bedrooms and five bathrooms; and is located just 15 km from the Jose Martí International Airport and about 4 km from the Marina Hemingway.

According to the information that is known, this property belongs to Lupe María Núñez Velis, daughter of Antonio Núñez Jiménez and ex-wife of the businessman and former Chilean guerrilla Max José Marambio Rodríguez, who was expelled from Cuba in 2010 and was recognized for his various business activities in Cuba and a close relationship with the island’s political elite, particularly with Fidel Castro.

The details of the mansion, as described in the rental portals, speak of exceptional luxury and comfort. The house has comprehensive air conditioning, Wi-Fi connection, and a selection of different types of pillows to guarantee maximum comfort. It also included a wide variety of rest accessories ranging from a minibar to a barbecue.

Outside, a large swimming pool with meticulously maintained gardens and multiple recreation areas. The living rooms combine modern and colonial furniture, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance.

Before her move to Villa Palmera, Mariela Castro lived in a mansion located at 206 No. 1513 between 15 and 17, in the exclusive Atabey neighborhood, in Havana; her with her Italian husband Paolo Titolo

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